As an artist, writer, and lifelong spiritual seeker, I try to begin each day with a prayer in my heart and a pen in my hand. I feel connected when I put pen to paper and find it’s easier to stay grounded in gratitude when I begin my days this way. I journal every morning, and one of the recurring themes in my journals is L.I.G.H.T., which is my acronym for Love, Inspire, Give, Heal, Transform. 

I believe that everyone has the potential to shine their sacred LIGHT in the world and illuminate the path for others.


                        Reach out in Love

                Inspire by example

          Give from my heart

      Heal the pain I see

and help Transform

      fear into hope

          isolation into connection

                anger into understanding

                        and grief into gratitude

 and I invite you to join me in this quest.

I strive to create art and write prayers that will help people connect with their innate creative gifts and use them to build a Kehilah Kedoshah—a Holy Community—that can work effectively together to make a difference in the world.

May the gift of Torah be an ongoing source of inspiration for each of us, and may we be blessed to feel God’s presence on our journey.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or would like to share parts of your Judaic Journey.



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Click to watch Joanne create this design to accompany Josh Nelson singing L’dor Vador!

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Click to watch Joanne create this Kol Nidre design to accompany a cello solo by her dad, Dr. Gordon Fink!