A Meaningful Virtual Memorial helps families share stories and grieve together virtually when they cannot all be together in person for the funeral and shiva minyanim. 

When you are officiating you want to stay focused on the service, and not be worrying about Zoom technology. Let our experienced team take care of that for you. Our Zoom techs are trained to admit attendees, control the mute and unmute functions, play videos, spotlight speakers, and troubleshoot any technical difficulties. We can provide visual t’fillah slides— branded with the synagogue’s name— for the prayers, songs and readings you’d like to include (i.e. Kaddish, Eil Malei Rachamim, the 23rd Psalm)— so both the physical and Zoom attendees can see the words.

We will work with you (and the funeral director if appropriate) to ensure strategic placement of equipment so the people on Zoom can see both whoever is speaking from the Bimah, and the immediate family. Depending on your set-up, the family may be able to see the Zoom attendees as well.

We will create a customized service notice– including Zoom etiquette instructions for those who have never been to a virtual service—and can accommodate 100 attendees in the Zoom room. We have closed captioning built into our Zoom room for those who are hard of hearing.

A big part of a Meaningful Memorial is sharing stories and being with friends and family during this sad time. We can facilitating community sharing during the service, and the family can even invite specific groups of attendees (i.e. neighbors, book club members, Sisterhood members, etc.) to continue visiting in ‘break-out rooms’ after the service. 

If requested, the service can be recorded and a keepsake book provided for the family to share with those unable to attend.

Prices start at $500. For more information about Meaningful Memorials, call or text Joanne at 407-718-8260 or email her at joanne@calligraphers.com.

We also offer beautiful commemoration prints to share. Order through the buttons below.